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Invisible, Emana® fiber is a mighty ingredient, turning our clothes into powerful allies of beauty, body care and performance. A smart yarn takes science and technology into its DNA to take care of you. Its innovative formula promotes several benefits, such as: extreme comfort, well-being, cosmetic effects and improvement of sports performance.

Science and well-being bound by the yarn you wear

Emana® combines Rhodia’s polyamide 6.6 based smart yarn, embedded with bioactive minerals with far infrared rays (FIR) technology.

interacting with your body

Emana® allows that clothing made with it to use the natural body heat to promote several benefits. Thanks to the bioactive minerals in the yarn DNA, Emana® converts the human body heat into far infrared rays and emit them back to the body, stimulating blood micro-circulation. Besides its smooth and soft touch, Emana® gives the wearer a smoother and younger skin appearance, reduces cellulite appearance and helps to improve sports performance.

emana é um fio inteligente

24 hours a day with you

While practicing sports, working, having fun and even while sleeping. It’s the possibility to take care of your body 24 hours a day, without changing your routine. Just to wear garments made with Emana® and lets it to take care of you.

permanent effect



Thanks to the minerals embedded in the yarn DNA, Emana® properties last the lifetime of the garment, keeping them during washing, drying and cleaning processes, reassuring results through the whole lifecycle of your clothes.

feel the results

Emana® is a technology and it needs to be worn regularly to promote benefits. To obtain all cosmetic benefits it is recommended to wear garments made with Emana® for at least 6 hours a day, during 30 consecutive days. Wearing Emana® for at least 6 hours after the activity helps for a better muscle recovery.


The quality of Emana® is ensured by Solvay Group and scientifically proven by independent laboratories.

globaly recognized

Emana® is a patented, scientifically-proven technology, through international recognized protocols, conducted by independent laboratories and institutes. Emana® is Oeko-Tex® certified, safe for the skin.

4 segmentos da moda

know all segments that Emana® is present:

Emana® Denim

Emana® Denim is a combination of a premium textile fiber, high technology and the most beloved part of the fashion industry, to deliver comfort and functionality and help you to take care of your body. A Jeans with Emana® promotes several benefits such as: reduction cellulite appearance, a skin smoothness and youngness, perfect fit with comfort and well-being and comfort.

Emana® Beauty

In addition to making you look prettier, Emana® gives you extreme comfort and well-being, promoting a smoother and younger skin and helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Emana® Performance

The best ally in practicing physical activities, Emana® boosts your sports performance, promoting a thermal equilibrium, reduction muscle fatigue and a faster muscle recovery.

Emana® Active

Emana® converts our own body heat into far infrared rays and emanates them back to the body improving comfort during daily activities and delivering heightened sense of wellbeing. Emana® can be found in clothing and accessories.

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