Emana ® Footwear

a combination between fashion,

technology and extreme

comfort for your feet.

Emana® polyamide can be incorporated in footwear linings, insoles and shoe upper to promote breathability, high level of comfort and well-being for feet.

Emana® works with the natural body heat, absorbing and converting it into far infrared rays, which are emanated back to the skin and promote several benefits, such as:

Stimulates microcirculation.

Allows skin to breathe.

Provides a high level of comfort.

Maximizes well-being.

Soft touch.

  • To obtain all Emana® cosmetic benefits it is recommended to wear a garment made with it for at least 6 hours a day, during 30 consecutive days.

*Emana is a technology and needs to be worn regularly to promote benefits. The garment must be worn for at least 6 hours daily during 30 consecutive days. Benefit not available for UK. Emana® has not been tested on pregnant women. It's advisable not to wear garments made with Emana® during pregnancy.

  • Emana® Footwear is found in various types of shoes

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Garments, accessories and footwear with Emana® are functional, comfortable, technological and have guaranteed quality. Emana® is a patented, scientifically-proven technology, through internationally recognized protocols, conducted by independent laboratories and institutes. Emana® is OEKO-TEX® certified, safe for the skin.

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