Emana ® Active

Science and well-being

bound the yarn you wear.

Garments and accessories made with Emana® fiber promote an extreme comfort and well-being.

Emana® works with the natural body heat, absorbing and converting it into far infrared rays, which are emanated back to the skin and promote several benefits, such as:

High level of comfort

Better skin thermoregulation

Extreme well-being

UV Protection - SPF 50+

  • To obtain all Emana® benefits it is recommended to wear it for at least 6 hours a day, during 30 consecutive days.

  • Emana® Active can be found in: socks, sleeves and other accessories.

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*To obtain Emana® benefits, it is recommended to wear a garment direct contact with the skin.
** In order to offer UV Protection, a garment with Emana® must be made with a properly constructed fabric. Aligned with an appropriate design to cover the skin.

Products with Emana® are functional and extremely comfortable with technology and quality ensured by Solvay-Group. Emana® is a patented, scientifically-proven technology, through international recognized protocols, conducted by independent laboratories and institutes. Emana® is OEKO-TEX® certified, safe for the skin.

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