Emana®, technology that takes care of your body


Technologies are scientific advances that bring people benefits and optimize our interaction with the world. Rhodia, a Solvay group company, is aware of its social function and therefore directs its research to create innovative products and technologies that generate improvements in people’s comfort and well-being.

Keeping this concept in mind, Rhodia has developed Emana® technology, a polyamide 6.6 yarn with bioactive minerals embedded in its DNA, with Far Infrared Rays (FIR) technology. Emana® is an intelligent fiber that takes care of your body in your daily life, transforming the natural heat of the skin in long infrared rays that stimulate the blood microcirculation and promote several benefits.

The advantages are numerous: clothes made with Emana® yarn increase skin elasticity, improve skin firmness and softness, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite. For sports lovers, Emana® also helps with enhancing sports performance, reducing muscle fatigue and accelerating recovery after exercise, and also protects the skin against UV rays.

There are several partners that use Emana® in the manufacture of their garments, so always look for the Emana® Hangtag when purchasing your product, it is the guarantee of the origin to certify the yarn.

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