When clothing rhymes with wellbeing: meet Benetton leggings with Emana® yarn


You get dressed, and feel more beautiful… actually you look more beautiful:  With the brand new Emana® leggings Undercolors of Benetton you can,  thanks to cutting-edge technologies for the yarn industry

There is a new garment today than makes you more beautiful by enhancing your skin. Fashion, wellness and beauty are now one and the same. Miracles? Not exactly. Credit goes to cutting-edge experimentation in the yarn industry, a major point of pride for Benetton, always keen of discovering new, better performing and smarter fibers.

The brand from Treviso, in this case, has chosen exactly a highly-developed yarn such as Emana® to produce its leggings, the result of a concept centered around comfort and well-being, in line with the Benetton approach.

Emana® is a smart yarn developed by the Global Business Unit Fibras of the Solvay Group and it is manufactured and distributed in Europe exclusively by Fulgar, an Italian company leader in the production of nylon and coated yarns worldwide.

Emana® is an innovative polyamide yarn with built-in bioactive minerals which – in touch with the body – encourage a heat exchange which facilitates blood microcirculation and makes the skin look better.

The clinical tests, conducted by independent and international cosmetic laboratories, guarantee the effectiveness of this yarn, highlighting the following effects:

  • improvement of blood microcirculation;
  • the skin becomes more elastic, firm and soft;
  • reduction of skin imperfections and orange-peel appearance.

Totally safe for your skin and Oeko-Tex® certified, Emana® is a discreet beauty ally for those who wish to take care of their wellbeing without forgetting style. To maximize its effects, we recommend you wear the garment six hours a day for four weeks. The benefits of Emana® are permanent and remain unaltered even after numerous washings, exactly because technology is an integral part of this yarn.

Benetton leggins with Emana®, on sale in Italy from the 27th of February 2017, are available only in the color black.


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