Wear the technology that improves your sport performances: choose Myshapes Active with Emana® Performance version


A garment which helps improve your sport performances: the future is now, thanks to the Performance version of Emana® technology which enhances the two collections by Myshapes, a 100% Italian company which has designed garments that are able to exploit the full potential of Emana® smart yarn, developed by the Global Business Unit Fibras of the Solvay Group and manufactured and distributed in Europe exclusively by Fulgar, an Italian company leader in the production of nylon and covered yarns worldwide. The two collections are: Active, dedicated to women, and S-Man Fire, designed for men.

What is Emana®, though, and how does it work? This depends on the type of product you choose from our range. Emana® Beauty, on the one hand, contributes more to skin firmness and smoothness; on the other hand, the Emana® Performance version (that is to say the more “sporty” technology used for Myshapes garments) is specifically recommended for physical training. Emana® Performance is actually an innovative polyamide yarn with incorporated bioactive minerals; the latter – in contact with the body – facilitate a heat exchange which facilitates micro-circulation at skin level, giving effects which have been confirmed by independent and international cosmetic laboratories.

Emana® Performance promotes benefits:

•  it accelerates muscle recovery (if you wear the garment six hours a day after exercising)

• it reduces muscle fatigue

• it helps improve sport performances (if you wear the garment 30 minutes before a physical training session)

• it guarantees maximum comfort and wellbeing

Emana® drives a real textile revolution; it is implemented into the whole of the Myshapes Active woman collection, which includes:

• Active Capri

• Active Leggings

• Active Top

• Active Brassiere

• Active leggings Emana® booster

On the other hand, the S-Man Fire collection consists of:

• Capri trousers

• Leggings

• T-shirt

There’s more though: the effects of the Emana® yarn are permanent and do not decrease after washingIndeed, the active minerals – part of the yarn’s DNA – maintain their properties even after an endless number of washing machine cycles.

The Emana® patented technology is also safe for your skin, it has been scientifically tested through international protocols conducted by independent laboratories. Emana® is Oeko-Tex® Class I certified.

The Myshapes Active products with Emana® can be bought worldwide from the Myshapes e-shop at www.myshapes.it.


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