Un Jour Ailleurs chooses Emana®: Enjoy “Apollon slim”, the jeans that are good for your skin


Can you take care of your skin without any effort? The answer today is yes, thanks to the new Apollon slim jeans, a result of the collaboration between Un Jour Ailleurs and Emana®, the smart yarn developed by the Global Business Unit Fibras at the Solvay Group.

The ideal companion for a streamlined silhouette, the garment launched by the French brand might look like ordinary jeans, but it actually hides a beauty secret: it’s Emana®, an innovative polyamide yarn with incorporated bioactive minerals which, in contact with the body, facilitate heat exchange which boosts skin microcirculation and improves skin’s appearance.

Manufactured and distributed in Europe exclusively by Fulgar, the Emana® yarn absorbs body heat then returns it in the form of far infrared rays, harmless and imperceptible natural thermal energy waves which are able to stimulate microcirculation at skin level.

Clinical tests, conducted by independent and international cosmetic laboratories, guarantee the effectiveness of the yarn and highlight its effects, which include improving blood microcirculation, making the skin more elastic, firmer and softer, as well as – last but not least – reducing skin imperfections.

The properties of Emana® are permanent and remain unaltered even after unlimited washings because the technology is an integral part of this yarn. For optimal effects, it is advisable to wear these jeans six hours a day for four weeks.

Being totally safe for your skin’s health and certified by Oeko-Tex®, Emana® is the silent beauty companion for anyone wishing to take care of their wellbeing without giving up on style.

Apollon slim jeans are sold for 129€ at Un Jour Ailleurs stores in Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Spain, as well on the website www.unjourailleurs.com.


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