Bioslim: the cosmetic-textile revolution by UNIQA and Emana®


Perfect fit, unique comfort, surprising effectiveness: the future is now reality thanks to the Emana® technology included in the Bioslim leggings designed by UNIQA, the line of beauty treatments produced in Italy using advanced technologies and marketed by Pea Cosmetics exclusively for the beauty-cosmetic channel. Thanks to the study and manufacturing of the models Moda, Sport&Beauty, Push-up and Powerfit, UNIQA has been able to exploit to the full the potentials of the smart yarn Emana®, developed by the Global Business Unit Fibras of the Solvay Group and manufactured and distributed in Europe exclusively by Fulgar.

Comfortable and flattering, the UNIQA leggings are an extra weapon not just for women who wish to enhance with a glamour touch their casual style, but also for those who wish to boost their sport performance. Depending on the product version, Emana® actually provides different benefits: Emana® Beauty (chosen for the Moda Sport&Beauty and Push-Up models) contributes more to firming up the skin, while Emana® in its Performance version (that is to say the technology used for Powerfit leggings) is definitely more suited for physical activity.

How? In contact with your body, the bioactive minerals incorporated in the yarn facilitate an exchange of heat which encourages blood micro-circulation at skin level, producing effects confirmed by independent and traditional laboratories.

Emana® Performance thus practically contributes to enhancing sports performance levels because:

  • it accelerates muscle recovery (if the garment is worn six hours a day after physical exercise);
  • it reduces muscle fatigue;
  • it enhances performance levels while training (if the garment is worn 30 minutes in advance of an exercise session);
  • it ensures maximum comfort and wellbeing.

 All you need to do is choose the leggings most suitable for your requirements and venture towards new horizons of beauty!

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